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  1. Why do we hear nothing of the Israeli soldier STILL held captive by Hezbolla?  He’s been there over a year.  We do however know where Paris is and that Lindsey is now 21.
  2. It’s going to be about 108 degrees in the inland areas and valleys of CA today (where I used to live).  I was paying $600 electric bills a few years ago to run my air between 3-8PM and there was an "energy crisis" with rolling black outs, etc.  NOTHING has changed in CA in terms of energy delivery or production infrastructure.  The problems have just "gone away". 
  3. The media continue to sanitize much of what’s reported on the car bombs in the UK.  A doctor…a terrorist…does not compute.  It still hasn’t changed the "we can’t make judgments on these people because that would be profiling" approach spoon fed to us daily.  Guess what, those guys SUCCEEDED IN THEIR PLOT TO BLOW PEOPLE UP….it was TECHNOLOGY that failed.  Their plan was a success but for the cell phone trigger devices.  But if a doctor is part of a sleeper cell…that how can any of us be safe?  Exactly.  Wake up.
  4. Ethanol production and other biofuels are ramping up to literally change our world in terms of reliance on foreign energy…yet a massive amount of media attention is given to the crowd touting ethanol as an "environmental disaster that doesn’t justify its existence".  Right, let’s look at what the media would have said if oil extraction and refining were never allowed because they "destroy the environment".  I guess they’re not fans of industrialization, they live on self sustaining farms, and they don’t have ipods.  No situation is perfect friends, let’s be real. 
  5. I recently read some scientific news from a group that believes in global warming.  They clearly state that, "if we had MORE CO2 in the atmosphere, the polar ice caps would actually come back".  Now go trade some carbon offsets.
  6. We have been chastised and berated by the Republican party leadership and president for speaking up against a bill that was critically flawed in SO many people’s opinions…since it provides amnesty…or if you don’t like that word…a clear path for illegal entrants into the USA to gain legality as they continue to live here, work here, use our services, and send ca$h back to Mexico to the tune of billions of dollars a year….even having arrived here…illegally.  It’s so weird to see Senator Kennedy and Bush squarely on the same side of an issue.  It seems that even Republicans have been shunned by their party on this one.  Of course, the killing of this bill has now been portrayed as "the unleashing of the right wing talk radio attack dogs on our political process".   Ironic, I thought free speech was the process???  If "left wing" talk radio was something people would listen to, it would thrive with advertising sales galore.  It tanked big time and was called Air America (now NO Air America.)

Enough mayhem.  Be safe this week.



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  1. Doug: Great post! A couple of additions: We also hear nothing about the Israeli soldiers (2) captured by Hezbollah which started the war in last year. We hear nothing about the constant rocket attacks on Israel going on yet today from Gaza. Meanwhile here in the US we are being told our enemy is not Islam…it is a, “Religion of Peace”. Right. Try being a woman in Saudi Arabia and not being “covered”. Or worse…be a Christian in many Arab countries. Good luck. Mr. Libby gets out of jail…Jonathan Pollard sits in prison for life (now in his 22nd year) because he gave “secrets” to? Israel. Our only ally in the region. And…you know, we must be tough on Israel we would not want to inflame Islam.
    You got me started…it seems right though….on Independence Day.

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