the Ebook (e-book) as an accidental marketing tool

I wrote my "Confessions" e-book early this year.  After a short while, it has been downloaded/read thousands of times and I’m still getting calls for interviews/commentary for articles around the world. 

I knew nothing about ebook marketing when I released this and I’m certainly not an Internet marketing guru.  What I’ve learned though is that thoughtfully presented content written from the heart on a topic that matters gets attention.  Over 700 people have obtained the book via my embedded email form.  That means I can at least ask those same people their opinions on future books or even market to them if I have something of value to offer.

I’ve closed no business from the book but it has given me the confidence to write another full length book that will be industry specific and my "lead in" to introduce the construction/equipment rental industries to me and my company…RentalMetrics.

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