The Home PC will be dead in 10 years

Driving yesterday…I was infuriated by someone driving slow and swerving in front of me.  I noticed that he had a phone attached to his ear, etc.  It’s a scene that repeats itself constantly.  That put me in hyper awareness mode for cell phone drivers.  As I looked around for about 5 minutes…3/4 of the people I saw WERE ON THE PHONE.

The cell phone (or whatever it will ultimately be called when it does most of what we want), is the ultimate ubiquitous device (Google knows that).  The only thing you "can’t do with it" right now are those things that require lots of screen real estate.

For home use and personal use, we’ll cease buying disposable home PC’s and use the mobile phone as our platform.  At some point, we’ll be able to wirelessly transmit our cell phone screens onto larger monitors, use external keyboards, etc. 



One thought on “The Home PC will be dead in 10 years”

  1. We’ve reached a point in history that most people in the world will experience “the internet” for the first time via their cell phones. And, it will most likely be their ONLY experience with the internet.
    When you consider the economics of what it would take to give a PC to every child (human) in the developing world, it just doesn’t make sense. American’s take electricity for granted – something that is not readily available (or steady) in many developing countries.
    Cell phones, on the other hand, are affordable, easy to use and server a greater purpose for communication. You can’t “Walk around with a computer” – but you can carry a cell phone very easily.
    The big boys all know this – I heard most of what I just wrote in an interview with Jonathan Schwartz (CEO of Sun Microsystems). He was plugging Java.

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