The ticking time bomb approaches

1:46PM – Friday, December 28
My in laws were going to leave this morning.  Turns out, one got violently ill with some kind of virus.  Of course, we don’t like to think of such things…but there is no "24 hour stomach flu".  What you’ve encountered in all likelihood is a food borne illness caused by gross things…the genesis of which involved not washing hands…and I’ll leave the rest to you.  Now, about 12 hours later, another relative has it. 

Oh you foul cruel incubation machine!  With every twitter in my belly I’m thinking I’m next.  And what of the kids?  If they get this…it will come without warning and alas…we’ll be borrowing our neighbors "Green Machine" carpet cleaner. 

These are the days when I swear to never go out to eat again.  I know where MY hands have been!

Scrub up yawl.



One thought on “The ticking time bomb approaches”

  1. You haven’t lived until you’ve been in a 3rd world country with two vomiting kids in your laps (all night long) and your spouse vomiting in the other room – with no electricity.

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