The Ultimate Bloody Mary Recipe

I’m pretty sure that this post will rise to the top of my popularity charts…since it’s only practical things about electronics, food, and booze that seem to catch the fever out there for me.  Why fight it?

Here’s a loose interpretation of the recipe I’ve taken from Tom B. and modified to my liking.  I think you’ll like it too.  Please accept my loosely defined amounts because I like my drink to be different EVERY time!


  1. Shaker
  2. Good Vodka
  3. V8 Juice (or substitute BEEFAMATO) or combine the two.
  4. 1 jar some variety of dill pickle spears (try different varieties for different effects)
  5. celery salt
  6. hot sauce (Tapatio Mexican hot sauce is a fav…but I remember that drink for a day afterward so anything you like will work here)
  7. 1 Lime
  8. 1 Bottle Worcester sauce
  9. Pepper
  10. Some kind of salt or glass rimming media.  There’s a good one at Cost Plus specifically designed for rimming the glasses of bloody mary’s.
  11. Green Olives
  12. Either dried oregano or an "Italian spice" bottle.  I have a cheap one from target.
  13. Lawry’s seasoned salt.

The blend

  1. Fill shaker with ice
  2. Pour in more vodka than you think you should
  3. Now (secret ingredient), pour in a smidgen of the juice from the pickle jar…maybe a splash or maybe 1/5 the amount of vodka you poured.  Play around.  This makes it yummy.
  4. Dash(es) of Wor-chester-shir-shire sauce
  5. Dash(es) of hot sauce
  6. Dash(es) of celery salt
  7. Grind some pepper in
  8. Add some Lawry’s seasoned salt for good measure.
  9. Dash(es) of oregano or other dried spice leaves.
  10. Fill to top of shaker with V8 or whatever tomato based liquid you’ve chosen.

The presentation

  1. Take slice of lime and rim the iced glass (use 16oz beer glass if you can)
  2. Dip glass in salt or custom rim mixture
  3. Put a pickle spear in the glass
  4. Fill glass with ice
  5. Shake the shaker like crazy
  6. Pour in the goodness
  7. Add a couple olives and squeeze the lime wedge into the glass
  8. Taste and top with additional spices if required

The serve

  1. Put a straw in the glass and hand it to your friend along with an icy cold bottle of Budweiser.
  2. Say, "Here’s your steak in a cup…enjoy" then sit back and watch.
  3. Be sure to eat the pickle.  It will have absorbed a ton of goodness by the end of your drink.

Welcome to flavor country friends.  You’re welcome.



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