The Wii has landed…don’t follow the crowd

My wife scored the Wii today!  She got it at Walmart of all places.  She asked when they receive shipments and she simply showed up during that time, asked, and behold…..they had ONE LEFT.  Earlier today she was number 6 in a line at GameStop, and yes, they had 5. 

Getting in the line at stores that aren’t open yet is a recipe for disaster that I lived this weekend.  Hang out at your local Walmart, make nice with the electronics clerk…and just hover.  There are no lines there…only stealthy wives that GET WII’s WHEN EVERYONE ELSE CAN’T!!!!




One thought on “The Wii has landed…don’t follow the crowd”

  1. Congrats! I know you have worked a lot harder than I would have for one of these Wii’s.
    Now that you have blogged about it, hope your kids don’t read dad’s blog! 🙂

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