The First Plane To Cuba

I hold a great hope that Raul Castro secretly likes Levi’s and Netflix.   If Fidel’s reign is over and Raul steps up permanently, will he take Cuba down the path of global market participation?  Or, will he maintain the ridiculous shame of communism and oppression…buoyed by fellow fascist regimes.

My hope is that there will be a beautiful new resort economy and cigar trade with the U.S. that will provide jobs and economic prosperity to Cuba’s people who’ve lived in agony for a very long time. 

As we’ve seen in the past, it’s not a bad gig to be a benevolent dictator who’s friendly with the U.S.  (at least for a while).  I’m watching this with eager anticipation.

If Cuba and the U.S. become buddies, I’m going to be on the first plane I can get out of Des Moines to the Marriott Bay of Pigs, and engage in a cigar smoking expedition that will affect Cuba’s GNP figures.

I keep having visions of Castro in a hospital bed made of gold repeating that famous Python-Holy Grail line in a Spanish accent, "I’m not dead!"  "I feel happy…I feel happpppppyyyyyyy"



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