The magic number 52

Today was magical.  The temperature in Des Moines eclipsed 50F and actually topped out around 52 degrees.  Wow.  It was as though spring had thawed the brains and bodies of our neighborhood.  People were actually giddy with excitement as you could easily wear a light long sleeved shirt and in the sun, I dare say you could have exposed skin!  I met 2 neighbors at the community mailbox, I met the trash guy, and our neighbors directly across the street came over and introduced themselves with Christmas cookies.  So in 1…1 hour session, we today we met as many people as I have over the last 2 months (I’ve met 3 while shoveling snow)  Every SINGLE person says, "Well you know I just love Iowa…and this neighborhood is GREAT, and it’s a GREAT place to raise a family"  Today Gavin played with 2 neighbor boys and we all got to walk around outside and interact.  It was truly a delight.  You really do appreciate the nice weather more when you have to stay inside and wear a lot more clothes.  I’m really liking it here.  I’ve driven 100 miles in the last 60 days aside from business trips (yes I can DRIVE to Chicago in 5 hours which saves me the bird flu, regular flu, and the impolite coughing contagions flying around in the aluminum tube).  I used to drive 130 miles in 2 days.  Now, my commute is 32 steps from bed to office.

Living in Iowa has been wonderful so far…and I can’t wait to experience a full cycle of seasons to explore even more of what God’s country has to offer.



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