The Politics of Corn Squeezin’s

Today’s Des Moines Register has an article discussing the political football that ethanol has become.  I believe that Iowa and the Midwest in general will transcend the politics of this issue and forge ahead. 

Here’s a quote,

Nationally, polls show fuel costs as the second most-pressing issue facing Americans, behind the war in Iraq. Renewable fuel has cracked the top handful of political issues for gubernatorial candidates this year in Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio and other states.

But in Iowa, the nation’s leading producer of ethanol and soy diesel, the issue is particularly salient, said national pollster John Zogby, president of Zogby International. "It’s probably more acute in Iowa, where there is a perceived solution."

We absolutely see the solution here in Iowa.  We are at the forefront of a revolution that can and will be maintained.  Later in the article, an economist spread the typical doom and gloom that is indicative of most economists 50% accuracy rate with regard to forecasts.

But Harl echoed Blouin’s sentiment that ethanol’s days as the nation’s fuel savior are numbered.

"Obviously, it’s important to Iowa to have a vibrant ethanol industry as long as there’s demand for the product," said Harl, a national expert on the agricultural economy. "The real issue is that we should not head down a road that in a few years turns out to be a road less traveled."

This quote shows just how bland some economists can be and why they are typically not entrepreneurs.  A few years is not a time horizon that alternative fuel leading to the freedom from foreign oil supplies can be judged against.  Also, the statement, "as long as there’s demand for it" is ridiculous when viewed in the context of ethanol’s very nature.  Until we are using Ethanol for 85% of all gasoline applications and until some other advanced technology has economically supplanted the need for combustion all together, I do believe there’s demand.

I’d have a tough time in his class at Iowa U.

Forge onward Ethanol Evangelists and Create the enabling technologies that will allow you to grow your company and put out help wanted ads for economists, then interview them, and refer to articles they wrote about "temporary demand."

We shall overcome!



One thought on “The Politics of Corn Squeezin’s”

  1. Demand for ethanol will “explode”. I am in Virginia, the nearest E85 is 160 miles away, but people are excited about getting it here soon. I’m a Chevy dealer, and even though ethanol can’t be had, we educate each consumer on what it might mean, and the response has been SO positive.
    I think people are so tired of being jerked around by the OPEC cabal, they are dying to take their business elsewhere. People will pay more, lots more, to get ethanol. Ethanol will enable Americans to drive what they want instead of a dorky hybrid, that’s the other reason people will pay more for ethanol.
    Great blog!

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