The Secret

Let me begin by saying that I’ve ordered "The Secret DVD" and the audio book too.  I’m totally into all manners of self-improvement and believe in the concept of attraction and positive energy that I’ve read about previously, heard tidbits about around the blogosphere, and seen on TV (I’ve glanced at Oprah as I walked by my wife but you’ll never get me to say in print that I watch that show).  However, what fascinates me MOST about "The Secret" are the following nuggets:

  1. It seems that society was "ready" for its next Tony Robbins.  There were many before him too but he was probably the most prolific guru of the 90’s.  His tapes, CD’s, etc. sold millions of copies around the world via the viral media of the time:  INFOMERCIALS.  Robbins did what many gurus do, repackage many teachings into a "new paradigm" that’s easier for folks to adopt.  Throw in a flame thrower personality, huge white teeth, and put him on 24x7x365 and you have a commodity that a bunch of people really wanted and were willing to pay for.  His program was quite a bit more expensive I think though maybe a couple hundred bucks vs. $30 for a DVD.
  2. The Secret has been marketed expertly via viral word of mouth media.  It’s not the first product/company to do use these methodologies, but perhaps the first "self-improvement" system to do it.  I started getting YouTube clips and such here and there and honestly, I had built up anticipation about what the heck it was (and still do since the products haven’t arrived yet).  These marketing campaigns don’t happen by accident usually and mega kudos to The Secret staff for orchestrating this (or rather for emitting the positive energy that attracted the positive attention, etc). 
  3. I really like the realism that many gurus have taken with regard to life’s little pleasures.  Many gurus skim over things like drinking, nice clothes, and fine automobiles.  The abundance mentality accepts and embraces the fact that there’s nice things in life to be had and that utilizing these things is part of a full life (if you want them to be and they don’t throw your energy off in the other areas of life)…i.e. don’t get plowed and crash your car.  The abrupt end of many a program for me was the "drinking is bad and must be stopped" part. 

Those are my pre-watch thoughts on the program…now off to the mailbox to see if it’s there!



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