“The Secret” Follow Up

I’ve passed the DVD around and have gathered some feedback from others that I thought I’d share.  Most immediately say, "Yeah that’s common sense," which I find fascinating.  It’s absolutely true but isn’t it amazing how we let ourselves avoid common sense every day?  It’s common sense to not eat too much or exercise or spend more time with our kids…but many times we’ll still do what’s negative, destructive, or simply "anti-common-sense". 

One learning described by a friend was that The Secret really pointed out that "She and her husband just needed to align their energies," and I thought that was really prophetic.  When you’ve been married 10 years and have 2 kids, it’s tough to align much of anything let alone the idea aligning your energies, intentions, and thoughts.  But that’s the simplicity of the idea behind The Secret.  It’s less about 20 steps each day to a new you…rather it’s an approach to living life as a whole. 

Of course, I craved more real strategies post DVD watching so in typical fashion, I’m in with both feet and now have the unabridged audio book of the The Secret and I’ve purchased James Ray’s Science of Success.  I’ll let you know how these are going as I progress.



2 thoughts on ““The Secret” Follow Up”

  1. I am a big fan of The Secret and of James Arthur Ray as well. I also have The Science of Success and I think it is a teriffic program.
    Did you happen to see James Arthur Ray at his free seminar at the Embassy Suites downtown back in Janurary? It was a very good presentation.

  2. Doug,
    I’m also getting in waist deep (that would mean knee deep to you) on the secret and the “Science of Success”. I’m somewhat fascinated. Maybe it’s time for another cuppa joe….to discuss!! I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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