The SECRET To Effective Outsourced Tech Support/Customer Service

The secret is……"Just give the stuff away".

After my recent rants about Dell, it’s nice to post on a success story.  About a year ago, I purchased that nifty Kensington laptop power supply that provides a "2-prong adapter" at the end enabling charging for 2 devices simultaneously such as all the major laptop manufacturers, pda’s, cell phones, ipod, etc.  The device is lighter than the typical laptop power source..and it eliminates the need for for the additional cords and at this point, any reduction in rats nest is a good thing.

On a business trip about 2 months ago, I lost the adapter that makes this charger/power source work in the car or on the airplane. 

I just got around to Kensington tech support asking to purchase a replacement.  Here’s the net result:

Dear doug:

Thank you for contacting Kensington Technical

I understand your concern. I wish to clarify you that, We can
not replace the individual parts of the product. Hence, In this regard, I will
go ahead and replace the entire product that is, the new power adapter with
model number 33197 for you for free of cost.

Hence, I request you to
please reply with your complete shipping address and daytime telephone number,
with your area code. Be sure to include the apartment number, mailstop, or suite
number, as well as your ZIP or Postal Code.

Wow.  Now I understand that with high margin, low price tag items, this is far easier for the manufacturer to provide…but Kensington really hit the mark here.  The rep didn’t grill me about purchase date, registration, etc…she simply solved my problem (and really enhanced my position considering I’ll have 2 almost completely functional devices when this is said and done.)

I believe this to be outsourced tech support since my communication was done only via on line sessions and my representative has a name that I can’t place…but recognize as "non-native U.S." Besides, the rep used the word "hence", distinctly absent from most U.S. based tech support conversations. (I have to make some assumptions here).

This is the kind of ease of service and support that will make me write blog posts…and buy Kensington products from here on out.  So, without hesitation, I recommend this power supply and Kensington as a manufacturer that stands by and easily supports their products. 



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