The Spring Snow

We were met here in Des Moines with about 4 inches of snow accumulation on the first day of Spring.  I actually caught myself wishing for snow a few days before since we’d seen so little this winter.  The month of March is often an "in-betweener" from what the locals tell me.  Tornados and t-storms one week…snow the next…both eventually fading into warmer days and nights.  The snow was wet, also a first of the year.  Gavin and I shoveled the drive (the neighbor had graciously snow blowed the sidewalks) and then began to toss snow balls at each other.  Later, we went to the backyard and used our super snow board sled (bottom covered in non-nutritive cereal varnish of course) to head down our "hill"’s really more like 30 feelt of gentle slope…but ENOUGH to send a 3 year old boy down the Death defying hill of super hero sled racing fastest most amazingest unreal coolness run.  I heard only "Again daddy" for the entire time we were out there. 

My parents have pictures of my dad doing the same with me when I was about 3 at our home in Pennsylvania.  That’s one of the first "memories" that I think I have.  That hill seemed SO BIG to me then.  When I was about 12, we visited that home and when I saw the backyard, I couldn’t believe how small it was.  I learned something that day about how BIG the world is and how incredibly important the super human figure of DADDY is to a boy.  (Girl centric posts coming don’t worry). 

If you’re lucky enough to be a daddy of a boy, accept, love, and embrace the fact that you are EVERYTHING to his development and maturation as a good man.  We daddy’s aren’t perfect and we (I) often tend to slip back into selfish thinking.  But by spending more time and energy investing in your boy with days like the above…you’ll build a cache of memories that will serve to guide him through life, however subconciously….as those memories are guiding this post right now at the age of 34.



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