The Tax Man Cometh

I’m just back from the annual CPA vist.  When I walked through the door, I realized that it has been almost 1 year to the day that I’d been in that office. That made me feel as though I’ve ingored someone only to call them when I needed something.  Come on, even CPA’s need some love in July and August.  This year I’m going to stop by and just say HI.

It’s almost like going to the Doctor’s office isn’t it?  You know you’re probably OK but "what if" runs through your mind every now and again.  Of course, I kept thinking about "abundance" and the "law of intention and attraction" (not in the government’s favor mind you but mine) and it worked!  Another good year of planning and business success resulted in paying the government some money to support what it is they do and no extra was owed. 

Now, call up your CPA and let him/her know that you care, you realize that they’re busy, and wish them a prosperous tax season!



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