The View From 25F

Img094This time I was leaving from Birmingham, AL and heading to Atlanta en route to Jacksonville, FL.  As a very frequent flier, I often get upgrades to the wide seats…but not today…but an exit row will suffice on a 29 minute flight.  I relived the moments spent about a year ago at gate c6…watching Jimmie Johnson win the rain delayed Talladega race.  I had to watch the race on a 19 inch TV screen at an airport bar…when only 24 hours before, I was in the stands drinking light beers with 200k of my best friends.  I’m planning another pilgrimage to Talladega again this year with my Alabama buddies.  Plans are in the works to motor home it and spend the weekend kibitzing with tank topped men and women with copious split ends.  If someone could figure out a way to recycle the bottom half of Levi’s pant legs into clothing for the poor, Alabama could clothe the world.  Go Junior.



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