The View From 3F


I awoke this morning, groggy and in pain…the residual effect of too much travel.  This stretch really began December 4 and wont let up until mid March.  There are good business reasons for the travel that I hope to elaborate on soon (sorry for the 007 talk)…but it doesn’t make it any easier.  Today’s flight is the return leg of a sub 48 hour turn around from DSM to ONT (Ontario, California).  This view was the brightest point in my day until my wife and kids ran to me upon return.  I took this picture using my Motorola Q phone.  What pleases me most about this phone and cell phone cameras in general, is that I can click a picture out my plane window with a note, "Show this to our boy and tell him that is daddy’s neighbor plane", and he’s buzzed.  My wife keeps me happy with at least 2 pics a day of the kids in various situations…and I always beam upon receiving them.



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