Theory of Geographic Relativity

Every county in Iowa has been declared a federal disaster area.  The weather hasn’t treated us too poorly since we only had a 3 hour power outage on Sunday evening.  But this entire situation reminds me what it was like in Southern California when LA would have a earthquake or fire and I’d get the calls, "Are you OK?" Of course I am, that’s 50 miles away and if I didn’t read about it on line, I’d have not known it was happening.

Same goes for what’s happening in Iowa right now.  Apparently there are 4 foot snow drifts in Western Iowa and the there are some folks stranded on I-80 and the National Guard has been dispatched to retrieve them…all while I sit and watch the very wet but light snow fall and melt on the street outside my office window. 

It’s all relative.  Godspeed to the folks who are suffering and in need of assistance.  For now, Central Iowa is doing OK.



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