This is where Iowa’s focus should be

A new company was just formed called Prairie Gold, Inc.  The express purpose of this company is for profit marketing of ethanol co-product processes and production. (Article here on the Domestic Fuel Blog)

My continuing message here is that this is the area where Iowa must focus if it wants to lead the nation in bio/renewable fuel and alternative energy.  Promoting and assisting companies with ancillary technologies and processes would solidify our spot at the top of the food chain.  Taking a proactive stance in this area, say by establishing a $100 million venture fund for these types of businesses, is critical to not losing momentum.  Ethanol will be produced everywhere and with many raw materials in 20 years and this is not exciting.  What is exciting is extracting more efficiency out of the process, creating new co-products from production (think duraflame logs from left over saw dust), and pioneering new logistics modes and systems that will squeeze yet more value from every gallon produced.



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