Tiger’s Mind Control

If you watched most of the World Golf Championship’s Bridgestone Invitational over the last 4 days, you saw Tiger Woods step up again and perform complete domination over the field, and execute his 4th straight win.  But sometime during Saturday’s round, Tiger had serious issues, posting 4 bogies in a row, something he’s not done in 10 years when he had barely turned pro.  Additionally, on Sunday, he struggled at times losing a multi-stroke lead to end up in a playoff with Stewart Cink.

Here’s the bottom line.  I believe it was possible yesterday to clearly see the mental intensity that kept Tiger going even when his shots were completely off.  He said something after the 3rd round that I’ve heard quoted.  I’ll paraphrase here…

When my body failed me, my mind kept me going.

Tiger seems to be able to wear competitors down mentally…almost playing mental chicken with them to see who’ll blink first.  Until someone comes along that has spent a lifetime cultivating that killer instinct, Tiger will continue to simply allow others to have a comfortable lifestyle while playing golf.

Most amazing to me though is the golf media…pouring gravy all over Tiger about how no one has a chance again, etc.  It wasn’t that long ago that those same folks were proclaiming that the field had caught him and that his reign was over.




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