To Feds: I want my bailout

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On behalf of the estimated 25 million small businesses existing in the USA (that includes the non-employer, solo-preneurs), I’d like to request a bailout.   We don’t have all of the baggage of firing 10’s of thousands of workers, paying severances, and honestly, I think many of us are worth more than some of the firms you’ve helped. 

I’d suggest letting Wall St. figure out their own issues (maybe it’s time) and find a way to have some weekend meetings with us (we’re way to busy during the day) and come up with a couple hundred billion for us.  We’ll be sure to give up equity for this but we won’t personally guarantee it as I’m sure the boards of your bailed out firms haven’t had to.

You seem to have figured out a way to really cut through the red tape, often coming up with deca-billion dollar packages in a week or less which is pretty amazing since getting a few bucks for our innovations…..well…those just aren’t there right.

Oh I know I’m being naive and I just don’t get the whole "Stability of the Financial System" stuff.  Well I do.  But since you’re either using my tax money to do this….or printing wheelbarrows full of cash to make this happen, either way I’m getting the shaft. 

I guess I’ll just sit here with my 30% down boring 30 year fixed rate mortgage and dream about what it’s like to get bailed out for making poor decisions vs. living with the consequences.

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5 thoughts on “To Feds: I want my bailout”

  1. No Doug…..instead we are going to TAX YOU SOME MORE. We are going to make sure that you, as a small business owner, pay your fair share.
    We are going to ensure that you don’t use any tax backdoors to avoid paying taxes.
    We are going to make sure that you don’t contribute to the same greed that Big Business is subject to.
    Bailout? No way…….you need to pay your Fair Share.
    What part of “you aren’t paying enough in taxes” don’t you understand?

  2. Couldn’t have put it any better myself. Actually looking to go to my bank soon and ask for some more help. Probably be shown the door. Maybe instead contact the Fed and ask for some help. You think they might bite???

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