To Google Adwords: My Simple Cave Man Brain Thinks You’re Ripping Me Off!

I have a simple scenario to run by you:

  1. I create a Google adwords campaign for the Heartland Golf Marketing business.
  2. I select key word phrases like: "Des Moines Golf"  "Iowa Golf Courses", etc.
  3. I set a budget for $2/day…just in case this happens to work unbelievable well…I don’t want the big bill just yet.  It’s a test after all.
  4. My keywords and phrases appear cheap, like $.10 per click, maybe 1 phrase was $.20.  I’m feeling good.
  5. I select a 125 mi. radius around my home for these ads to appear.  That scrapes Omaha, etc.

Within a day or two, I log in and I’m told that most of my key words are inactive and that the "bid" has gone up.  In a few cases it’s now $.20.  I comply.  A few days later, I’m presented with the same exact scenario only now on key word phrase is $.50…and most are $.30.

Now, I’m a simple cave man, and it appears on the surface that I’ve chosen some words, and perhaps the clicks worked better than the GOOG machine anticipated…and now they’re ratcheting up the cost.  After all, extra pennies X the googlesphere = big time revenues. 

I’m sure there’s a Google explanation for this…but in about 10 days, my "marketing rates have gone up by 300%" for some simple searches around the state of Iowa about golf.  Were there another few guys with the same words and now Google spotted the trend and made us all outbid each other for the same spots?

Have I really hit the mother of all search terms in "Iowa Golf Courses"?   I just feel violated regardless of my $2/day limit and the logical explanation.   



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