Top 10 Things I Heard From Barack Obama at the Iowa State Fair Today

The top 10 things I overheard when I passed by Barack Obama at the Iowa State Fair today.

10.  "My God I’m thin"
9. "I just ate whaaaaaatttttt?"
8.  "Hey…You know I’m gonna raise your taxes right?…….Awwwweeee I’m just messin’ with ya."
7.  "Did HOGZILLA swallow a couple of Wilson footballs or what?"
6. (To the secret service agents with him).." you know if they have any salads here?"
5. (To his handler/campaign manager) "Sooooo like…did Hillary eat pork chop on a stick cuz I don’t want to appear less manly than that woman?"
4. "It’s sooooooo awesome…check it out… Iowa Hawkeye temporary tattoo!"
3. "Explain to me again why there’s a cow and a Harry Potter made out of butter again."
2. (To secret service)…"Guys…GUYS…take it easy on the corn dogs it’s not like I have Hillary’s war chest."

…and the number one thing I overheard Barack Obama say at the Iowa State Fair today from the home office in Des Moines Iowa…

1. "I vow to banish all trans fats from the Iowa State Fair…but there will be a deep fried Twinkie Exemption even if I have to do it by secret executive order and torture people to make it happen!"

(cue the music)

bonus overheard nugget" "Chief Justice Roberts? Sheesh..yeah I could take him"



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