Top 10 “Must Watch If Found While Flipping Movies”

Inevitably, on a Saturday afternoon (Sunday’s are NASCAR), if my wife is enjoying some down time in front of the TV, I’ll find her flipping the channels…then in an instant, I hear "You’re the one that I want….you are the one I want…wooo hooo hooo".  Yes…It’s Grease.  I’ve been telling her for years that there’s a certain group of movies that guys and girls will stop and watch on TV even if they own the DVD and have 7.1 surround…and commercials, who cares!  Here’s my choices for the top 10 lists from the home office in Des Moines, Iowa.  I’m sure there are many more that can be included and I welcome your comments. Be certain that these choices show my biases.

Top 10 "Found While Flipping and I’ll Always Watch" Girl Movies

  1. Grease
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. Selena (maybe this is just my wife 🙂
  4. Ghost
  5. Beaches
  6. Steel Magnolias
  7. Pretty Woman
  8. Breakfast Club
  9. 16 Candles
  10. My Cousin Vinny

Top 10 "Found While Flipping and I’ll Always Watch" Dude Movies

  1. Any Terminator Movie
  2. Any Star Wars Movie
  3. Any Will Farrell movie (Talladega Nights and Old School are tops)
  4. Any Harrison Ford Movie
  5. Any Python Movie
  6. Any Mike Myers Movie
  7. Any Chris Farley Movie
  8. Any Al Pacino Film.  I mean ANY (especially Carlito’s Way and Heat)
  9. Any God Father Movie (deserves it’s own category in spite of Pacino overlap)
  10. Any Star Trek Movie (Wrath of Khan rules supreme but they’re all keepers no matter how rotund Shat became)
  11. Honorable mention to The Usual Suspects…it just doesn’t get old to me.




3 thoughts on “Top 10 “Must Watch If Found While Flipping Movies””

  1. The one that always gets me…
    1. Seven (even edited for network TV).
    2. Tombstone.
    3. Out of Sight (J.LO, J.LO, J.LO).
    4. Oceans “Whatever” (new version, old version doesn’t matter to me.)
    5. Best In Show.

  2. But lets get a little bit more realistic….
    Everytime I turn on the TV this is what I see. I believe these movies are on 24/7 and I’m sick of all of them (except Men in Black…they both get me everytime):
    1. Men in Black
    2. Badboys (I and II)
    3. Casino
    4. The Truman Show
    5. Beaches

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