Top 10 Things Bono’s Elevation Partners Investment in Forbes Means

What are the top 8 guesses (I couldn’t come up with 10) as to what this investment means for Forbes/Elevation partners?  Following are mine:

1. Really good seats at concerts for Forbes folks.
2. Bono gets a column to further his business/government can end poverty if it wants to cause.
3  Group name becomes U2: by Forbes.
4. Bono uses Steve Forbes political clout to run for President as an independent in 2012.
5. New web property called  (it’s available good luck)
6. Bono and Karlgaard fly around together on U2’s jet and promote Ireland as a great place to practice geographic arbitrage.
7. Bono does the restaurant reviews for Steve Forbes in the first section of the magazine but he only goes to Tir Na Nog and reviews Guinness and Shepherd’s Pie.
8. Forbes edition iPOD’s that come pre-loaded with pod-casts and videos of business news and "How to dismantle an atomic bomb"…with special bonus track, "How nuclear power will save the world."

Any pithy things to add?  Please comment.



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