Transportation Solves the Growth Equation

The Des Moines Register’s AG Business writer Jerry Perkins hits a home run today in his piece describing a looming Ethanol industry slowdown.  Paragraph two:

Increased costs and delays in ethanol plant construction,
transportation bottlenecks in moving ethanol to market, and rapidly
rising corn prices all signal that the expansion of the ethanol
industry might be cooling, the ISU economists said in a webcast that
originated from the ISU campus.

This "slowdown" will bode well for technology solutions that can bring incremental savings on transportation and logistics.  Although plant construction will continue for quite some time, more focus will be placed on gaining efficiencies…and that’s the sweet spot for Iowa Tech companies looking to make a big impact. I’m guessing now that multiple billions of dollars have flooded in to plant creation.  Has even $1million gone to technology improvements to lower transportation costs?

Look down the road at a United States with thousands of Ethanol plants instead of hundreds, tens of millions of truckloads of raw materials, by-products, and finished product being moved via an advanced logistics system matching available transport capacity immediately with those who have product to move, a vibrant biofuel technology industry where Iowa is the heart of operations, and a time when foreign oil is a supplement and not a staple. This is the Iowa of the future…I’m right in the heart of it…and loving it.



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