Trek Madone 5.2SL

So I’m doing RAGBRAI again this year along with a couple buddies and I need a road bike.  Well, my uber biker pal Luke Manohan hooks me up with a killer deal for a Trek Madone 5.2 SL. 

Very Niiiice for make better hand nerve damage and for efficiency.  (In my best Borat voice). 

Thus, I’m fully committed and now riding a full carbon whammy!

I have absolutely NO excuse now not to train hard because these babies aren’t cheap and you know when you spend money on fitness…never mind. 

Here’s to looking even better this year in spandex.  (gulp).   



6 thoughts on “Trek Madone 5.2SL”

  1. Honey, NO ONE looks good in spandex!! They’re just a necessary evil. Looking forward to meeting you next week! Georgie

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