Tunamole Guacafish

I think I’ve discovered the ultimate meal to encourage recovery of muscles and joints.  I call it tunamole guacafish.

Use quality albacore tuna.  I used Costco’s of course since it seems to exceed all other national brands.  Prepare your chopped up add-ins the way you like them:  onions, pickles, etc.

Now…instead of using mayo, grab a very ripe avocado.  Today I used the Haas variety.  Mash up 1/2 avocado with the mix, the tuna, and whatever spices you like.

Slather that deliciousness on a couple of slices of whole grain bread or a whole grain wrap…and bada bing, you have a Tuna-mole Guaca-fish sandwich. 

Save the mayo for the rest of the world.  Use nature’s fat to reduce saturated/processed foods in your diet and be happy.



2 thoughts on “Tunamole Guacafish”

  1. Very interesting, Doug. And healthy sounding, too! I’m glad to see someone else appreciates the extraordinary Costco tuna. It’s one of the expanding list of staples my family buys there.

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