Typical Government Largesse

In Des Moines, we’re going through the CIETC scandal.  The Central Iowa Employment Training Consortium leadership apparently (and allegedly) pad themselves quite well with Iowans money.  Board of Supervisors are resigning left and right. 

But the most appalling piece of the scandal that I’ve read so far is the One Day Offer.  This takes the cake:

"The state auditor’s report on CIETC outlined an instance last summer in
which Workforce Development officials realized that the budget year was
within 48 hours of ending and that they still had $225,000 in unspent
federal job-training money. Rather than return that money, Workforce
Development officials sent out an urgent e-mail to job-training
agencies statewide, telling them they had just four hours to ask for a
share of the money as part of a special "one-day offer."

CIETC never responded to the e-mail, it received the bulk of the
unspent money. On June 30, within hours of the spending deadline,
CIETC’s executive director received a handwritten check for $200,000.
The money was then spent on bonuses for the CIETC staff."



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