Update on New Year’s Eve Party & Chili Cook Off Benefitting the Central Iowa Shelter

In my post from November 24 inviting the blogganostra and friends to a New Year’s Eve party, I mentioned that attendees might donate some amount of chili toward the 120 person dinner we’re serving at the Central Iowa Shelter on New Year’s Eve.  Well guess what.  One of my favorite places to eat and drink, Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery,

Has agreed to provide chili AND cornbread for ALL 120 people!


What a gracious gift!  Now, we can focus a bit more on making this dinner extra special for the shelter.  We’ll coordinate that in a bit.

We’ll still have our chili cook off as planned so bring your best offering…just don’t bring enough to feed an army like before 🙂

Thanks again Rock Bottom and their gracious manager Vickie Wiskow.  The next time you’re in Rock Bottom, say thanks to her for making December 31, 2007 a special one for quite a few people in the Des Moines Metro.



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