US Open and Business

Yesterday, we saw the most difficult course in the world managed by a good but not "super star" golfer Angel Cabrera.  The best in the world could not over take him.  You see, he was a disrupter.

He probably had his heart in his throat the entire time but he kept his head down and worked.  He was dedicated.

Despite the mob of people discussing the courses difficulty and borderline unfairness, he simply tackled it, sharpened his game.  He executed on a strategy regardless of the naysayers and detractors.

The best moment for me was when asked through an interpretor (see, he only speaks Spanish but has not let that get in his way of the number one spot in golf), "What were you thinking while watching the other players finish out their rounds?"  To which he honestly replied, "I was hoping they wouldn’t make any birdies.".  Exactly.

Be a dedicated disrupter letting nothing stand in your way…and execute while being honest with yourself and those around you…and you’ll be a major champion in business too. 



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