Use of Video in Company Promotion

Are you using video/rich media in your web/marketing/PR/media execution (notice I didn’t say plan) for 2008?  I have turned the corner and have just gone live with my new firm’s "Porch Pitch" (Like an elevator pitch but smaller).  The company is RentalMetrics.  Take a look and see if you "get what we do".  If not, it’s back to the video drawing board 🙂

Special thanks to Mike Sansone for pushing/coaching/exposing we business bloggers to the power of the uncomfortable new technologies that await us when we try.  Double secret probation thanks to Chris Punke at Focal Point.  Chris is the uber video studio production genius that makes me look like I’m standing in front of tractors and such using chroma key technology (green screen).  I’d highly recommend both gentlemen who can make some magic for your business.  More thanks to Paul Gratton for key production support.



One thought on “Use of Video in Company Promotion”

  1. Wow! An “uber video studio production genius?” That sure sounds better than evil genius. Might have to add that to by biz card.
    Thanks for the mention, Doug! Glad to be of service. 🙂

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