Using Keynote Presentations as Movies in FinalCut Express 4.0


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OK.  I’ve looked around and done the research but I can’t find anything concrete about how to BEST leverage exported Apple Keynote (their iWork solution to PPT) presentations in FinalCut Express.

If you export recorded slide shows as QuickTime movies, FinalCut doesn’t get it.  Always an error.  Some tech support posts out there talk about adjusting the settings of the exported QT movie but no luck.  One suggests exporting as an NTSC format but alas the quality on that was below bad.

We often use the "record narration" functions in Keynote that allow us to effectively voice over our presentations and click through them in real time.  This saves us from creating an audio track in Garage Band and then timing the visuals in Final Cut on basic projects.  But we’re stymied on this one folks.  We have resorted to exporting the Keynote slides as JPG’s and then laying them out and timing them manually (which nixes any kind of Keynote animation or goodies).  Not hard but more time consuming than a straight up import.

Anyone have experience with this?  Let me know. 

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