Van Halen at Wells Fargo Arena: Summary

Last Wednesday, I saw the only concert that I’ve wanted to see for all of my musical life.  Honestly.  Besides smaller shows, I’ve only seen Van Halen in concert.  Of course those concerts were with Sammy Hagar.  Sammy is great and puts on a great show.  However, I always wanted to capture the raw edge VH had with Diamond Dave.  I began dreaming of this in the 80’s and though various reunion rumors surfaced through the years, I’ve been denied. 

Until now.

The show was great. David Lee Roth is not able to do his polyphonic screaming anymore…but hasn’t since the 90’s so I knew what to expect.  Eddie is still unreal.  Wolfgang, Eddie’s 16 year old legacy plays incredibly well but mostly just stands around on stage.  Alex is still an uber drummer.

My wife commented that Dave really never talked to the audience or said, "Howz it goin’ Des Moines?" when Sammy Hagar made his concerts very personal like a party in your living room.  I countered that Dave is simply a showman that likes to get in, do his thing, and get out, letting the show rest on its merits.

If I read too deeply into this reunion of a lifetime for me, I’ll probably find holes in it.  So I won’t.  Rather, I’ll simply say that my concert going career is over and it ended on the crescendo of a lifetime.

I waited for over 20 years to see what I saw Wednesday and I’ll probably never see it again. 



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