Video Business Plan or Investor Pitch

Have you considered doing a video business plan or pitching investors with a multimedia presentation?  If you follow Guy Kawasaki’s rules, you should be able to communicate your business concept and why it deserves someone else’s money in 10 slides.  We believe that Guy should add a new twist to his 10-20-30 formula.  We’d revise and add a 5 into the mix.  That is, the presentation should be a:

  • 5 minute video
  • 10 slides
  • 20 images supporting what your script/voice over is saying (lots of fun stuff at
  • 30 point font minimum

If you host your video at for example, you can even make it private and give someone a "super secret protected URL" to access  your video to keep your idea safe. 

Be impressive.  Be different.  Be memorable.  Certainly a video pitch will set you apart.

The great part of this deal is that you don’t have to become an expert in producing the video.  You can leverage the experts at TMG Media Services.  Multimedia production is what we do.  We reduce pain and increase pleasure.  Simple.

In the Des Moines, Iowa area?  Let’s meet.  Outside of that?  Let’s video conference or chat soon.

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