My First IPO

Like most Vonage users, I got all the information for the customer directed share purchase program via email.  I did 100 shares just in case things went well.  They haven’t…and although people aren’t happy…I don’t think many are surprised.

Here’s the deal, I did all of the work to make this 100 share purchase happen, yet I’ve heard NOTHING via email.  I’ve not had a voice mail.  I don’t know if I own the nearly valueless shares or not.

I guess there was a bigger priority on pre-IPO communication.  Now that the stock has been hammered…clam up and maybe they’ll go away?


I went to the site later and found that my offer for 100 shares had not been accepted, validated, whatever.  Thus, I own none of the dog.  Occasionally things like this work out.  My first IPO.



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