Waukee Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner with Keynote Speaker Glenn McDole

Special thanks to Bank Iowa for inviting me to spend the evening with their crew and guests at the Waukee Chamber's annual dinner.   I connected with quite a few new people and look forward to cultivating some relationships.

I must say that the keynote left me humbled.  Glenn McDole told his tale as one of 11 survivors of the Palawan Massacre in World War II.  McDole suffered untold atrocities and pain during his captivity.  In fact Mr. Bob Wilbanks has written a book about the experience of Mr. McDole called, "Last Man Out". 

It seems so infrequent today that we pause and remember what life was like during WWII as a nation…and as a world.  Thank you so much Mr. McDole for preserving our freedoms and telling your story.  You're a great Iowan and a great American.

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