Weather realignment

I’ve anecdotally noticed a few trends over the last few years and a USA Today piece today confirms some of my observations.

  • Wet California winters with record rain, blazing summers, wildfires.
  • Excessively wet Northwest, adding to their already gloomy weather reputation.
  • Milder Midwest, a few snows a year, milder temps, about the same wild weather in Spring/Summer.
  • Northeast, pounded w/rain, flooding.

Today in Iowa we’re having a wonderfully clear 60 degree day (my kind of perfect).  It’s been near freezing at night in Florida and it was 95 degrees on Monday in Riverside, CA. 

So I’m not sure what this all means except that whatever is happening, it’s making the Midwest look a bit better and probably boosting our statistical likability.   



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