Week 2 of 6 Sigma Class

Wow.  Imagine yourself as sick as you’ve ever been…now let’s get deep into 2-Way ANOVA Testing!  I think I regained conciousness around Wednesday at noon.  For you stats propeller heads out there, you’re my heroes.  For little old soft skill Doug, this was a nightmare.  I do have to say that I’m impressed by the brain’s ability to learn via osmosis.  When it came time to review for the test, I kind of knew what we were talking about.  Yes I passed.  Although in an interesting twist of irony, I’m also the Deployment Champion at our company meaning that if one of my Black Belts (me) was having trouble of a unrecoverable nature (not) I’d have to council said Black Belt (me) and coach him/her (him/me).  So, here’s to grading yourself, passing yourself, and all in all just plain loving yourself!

Week 2 is apparently notorious for killing off the faint of heart…but I prevailed.  Now, I head into week 3 next week…ready to take on the most inane statistical tools! (and the food at the Marriott).



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