What’s your goal?

Back in the dot com bubble era, goals were mostly to:

  1. scale
  2. get big
  3. land venture capital
  4. work for yourself or a start up
  5. hire as many people as possible
  6. get rich quick
  7. sell out
  8. move on to the new new thing

In the post bubble era, goals seemingly switched to:

  1. survive
  2. work for someone else to mitigate risk
  3. work for old school enterprises
  4. get real

In today’s world, goals have  changed yet again

  1. work for yourself
  2. build more of a lifestyle business that supports your life versus ruling it
  3. don’t hire anyone if you can avoid it
  4. outsource stuff that sucks (for you…for the receiver of the outsource job it probably doesn’t suck)
  5. tell the venture capital guys that you don’t need them
  6. work at a job that gives you the flexibility to do what self-employed people do

I’m curious to see what high school teachers and undergraduate college professors would say if I asked, "Do any of your students believe that they’ll be getting a job when they’ve graduated?" 



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