When the “Not Ready” Have a Blog

I helped somebody out with a blog a while ago.  They liked the traffic generation aspects of "using the blog as the website" but they were skittish about:

  1. Posting regularly
  2. People commenting

Now I know…warning…red flag, etc…but we pressed forward.  Fast forward to today.  A comment actually came in on a post that was done a year ago.  The post opened the door to be sold and for the company owner to be positioned as the expert.  I connected with blog/website owner and said, "Hey here’s an opportunity to reach out and either get a new client, etc."  The response was, "See, that’s why I don’t want comments on my site."

When someone isn’t ready to engage clients in a truly collaborative blog fashion…don’t push them.  It will be worse than than existing Front Page ’95 site.



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