When Birds Attack

I’ve been laughing recently when I see some kind of black "migratory birds" attacking people as they walk by a nest on city streets highlighted on TV.

Until yesterday….

On my way back from Adel via bike on the Raccoon River Trail, out of nowhere, one of these black birds started chirping at me as I rode along at about 15MPH.  Funny thing was, the chirping became screaming and it was getting closer.  I looked back and immediately had the adrenaline surge and the "flight instinct" when this savage beast was inches from my head.  I waved my arm (one still on the handlebars) and started screaming profanities.

I’m guessing I accelerated to 25mph at full clip before my Hitchcock moment past…but for a moment…I felt quite a bit of peril.

It must have looked interesting to passers by to see me seizuring with absolutely nothing around me but open space and blue skies. 



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