Who Knew Cobol Was So Hip?

In my business, I deal with some big manufacturers that make very BIG stuff.  These "Old School" companies are still heavily run on an AS/400 platform.  For certain software applications to "matter" to these guys, it MUST interface via some means with the back end Unix systems.  Thus, our key to success in many cases is our ability to understand…….Cobol.  So we have a client server application, written with a VB and Access front end, a SQL Server back end, and we have Cobol jobs that create flat files that get parse in a nightly batch or some other such technical jargon.  Could we be any more removed from Web 2.0?

Back in college, I was convinced that an International Business major with a Computer Information Systems minor was the way to go.  I skipped the CIS minor…because the first class was Cobol and in my infinite wisdom, I deemed it dead in 1990.  I guess I missed that one. 

So I raise a toast to the horizontal, no IT involvement SaaS crowd.  I’m the antithesis of your models (if you have one) but doing well in a niche so often ignored these days. 



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