Why can’t you see this!!!

I’ve had quite a few experiences lately where big company A doesn’t "see the vision" of little company B.  Big company A means well, but requires multiple explanations to multiple management layers with the net result being "we don’t exactly see the fit".  Little company B knows the value and vision are exactly in line with what big company A wants to accomplish.  It’s exhausting and frustrating.

However, little company B should not give up.  Big company A has many layers of management, process, problems, personalities, and past pain to worry about.  Things take time.  Little company B should focus on projecting a consistent message and producing results on a smaller scale.  Many small results do often translate into BIG results and a BIG mind shift in big company A down the road.

If you get enough big company C, D, and E’s to listen along the way, you may find yourself not having nearly as much time to communicate your vision to big company A since you’re actually booking huge revenues and rolling out products and services to C,D, and E’s. 

At that point, big company A will probably call you and emote the same vision you had, take credit for it, and offer to buy your company.

The end.



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