Wiki – Collaboration Acceptance

Zane Safrit, CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited, posted about his company’s time line for acceptance of wiki technology.  It’s taken them over a year.  As a principal at a small dynamic company, I can relate.  While I use Central Desktop vs. Basecamp, I know what his company is up against.  He says,

"We have a fairly small company. Even so, open and efficient communication is critical. We don’t have the inertia that carries a large corporation forward. We also don’t have any hiding spots for malcontents, non producers, rear-guard experts or those who can’t cooperate and collaborate. We can’t tolerate feifdoms, kingdoms of secrets and jealously guarded expertise. Wikis, the requirement to use them, helped flush all that out into the open and show how open and honest and constructive interactions made everyone’s lives smoother."

Very accurate.  In my business, it took some authoritative top down management to break up the "fall back information silos" that cropped up when something didn’t go exactly to plan or there was a feature that someone wanted but it didn’t exist…even if it was a "two percenter" (a feature that only 2% of the human population would ever even dream up and thus can be jettisoned as unreasonable and not economically viable to ask for or even look for in another package).

I posted a short time ago on my case study in which I was going to use wikis to make a company’s actual corporate web site easier to update and maintain.  I think I’ve taken the wiki idea to its extreme…literally replacing corporate web page and content management infrastructure with wiki pages that are instantly editable by the designated person(s).  I achieved the goal in my case which was to stir the pot and cause a bit of short term trauma to get my point across.  It worked, and the pages are still live. 



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