Wikipedia & Google: Antibacterial soap for historical cleansing

I’m getting nervous.  It’s not over the climate or human rights or the safety of our universe.  It’s over Wikipedia and Google.  Nick Carr at Rough Type has written about this and much better than I, but think about how Google is gathering the collective knowledge of the world (books too) into a historical record…a record that is only as "valuable" as its component’s relevance or "click frequency". 

Wikipedia editors are passing judgment daily over what’s important or not.  Our children are using what’s "out there" as the gospel truth and the foundation of all historical knowledge.  Heck…why do we even have libraries anymore right?  In a few more years, once all old books have been cataloged…we’re home free since everything new is electronic first.

Can you remember something that has "become truth" or the common story after so many years of misinformation being published? 

Today the "truth" has become a subjective relevance quotient…with it’s own CPM rating.

At our current pace, is it unreasonable to believe that within 50 years our history will be rewritten and edited…cleansed by the Illuminati and Google-ati…in a Bradburian fashion until we have no real history (who would know anyway since we all use the same source) or that it will be ripped from us by the wiki-police? 

I hear the fire trucks coming now…gotta run.   



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