Gen X vs. Millennial usage of the web

With all the talk about millennials and text messaging and twitter, it's tough to be part of Gen X, the forgotten generation which I claim as my own.

Gen X'ers (32-43) are emerging of course as "seasoned leaders" and innovators who have a bit more perspective and battle scars from living through the dot com implosion.  You see back then, we were the "young irrational kids who didn't care for the modern business rules instead creating our own as we forged ahead".  (Yes sadly we're the Kozmo/Webvan/Flooz generation).  (top 10 biggest dot com flops list here)

But now, research shows that Gen X uses the web for research much more than entertainment (like their millennial followers).  That's good research to have on tap when trying to target the segment.  According to e-marketer:

How can online marketers be
heard? “For Gen X, the Internet is a resource,” said Lisa E. Phillips,
senior analyst at eMarketer, who focuses on demographics. “Effective
marketing is marketing that helps them research. It’s relevant and has
a value proposition up front.

“In these economic times, coupons are a big draw,” Ms. Phillips added. 

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