You are ALWAYS selling…

This concept that "Everyone is a sales person" within an organization should really be pushed toward the top of the business education heap.  From CEO to phone answering temp…EVERYONE can be and should be geared toward selling, promoting, evangelizing, improving the company’s image, increasing referral business, grooming existing business, etc.  A CEO who sales "I’m not a sales person is LYING and ultimately LESS VALUABLE than one that embraces this model.  I’m not making hard black and white distinctions here…putting people into one bucket or the other.  Rather I’m indicating that the CEO of a company must pick up the phone and ask for business, espouse the value his company brings to the table, and explain succinctly why the person on the other end of the line (or the packet data transfer) is listening to him speak. 

As I’ve gained more business experience and progressed in my career, I have ZERO inclination to give even a passing whiff of a thought to someones product, service, or resume unless they can tell me why the hell I should bother…quickly…clearly…and with proper grammar (and preferably using big girl words from the verbal advantage series…OK…at least from the first 2 cd’s) 

Ask me how many emails I got back from VC’s just waiting to give me money when I explained (in a previous career life) that "I wanted to create the world’s most labor intensive and error prone business using outsourced employees in a place where bribes are the only way to get a 56k ISDN line." in a 3 page executive summary that just vomited words about nothingness.  (The answer to the question is none in case u were wondering.)

Now, in my business life, I attack every potential profit center or client for our company with the attitude that EVERY word, EVERY sentence, and EVERY second that I get to be in someones face, phone, or email that I’m on stage and I MUST make it worth their while to listen.  Learn their lingo, learn their pain, and learn that when you get the chance to be in front of the executive decision maker…that you damn well better speak their language which is typically short, effective, and well put together sentences that don’t take 3 supporting modifiers to make sense.  They just don’t have time to listen to your wind.  Get used to it.  Embrace it.  Live it….and most of all SELL IT.

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